We’ll either be known as those who changed the system for the better or those who failed to act in time.

To be optimistic about the future, we need to break through our siloed approaches to living and learn to work together. We need to build on what's worked and learn from what hasn’t.

Businesses are the key to lasting change in our communities and at Leverage Lab, we believe that game-changing innovation comes from getting businesses to work together.

I’m Sara Blenkhorn, a sustainability strategist and expert collaborator. 

Leverage Lab was created to solve a problem that all businesses face: spinning wheels, duplicating work, and the never-ending struggle of working towards the future when the present is so darn demanding.

I believe that if we put our heads together, we can do greater, better things for our businesses and our communities and NOT at the expense of profit, growth, and productivity. Click here to calculate the real cost of growing with the future in mind. (Hint, it’s not as expensive as you think).

Doing Collaboration Differently

We pull together industry and thought leaders and host facilitated dialogue around shared challenges to uncover opportunities to collaborate and solve problems that we collectively face.

Innovation is more than just being “sustainable”, it’s about creating solutions that make the business AND the community better. It’s about supporting thoughtful change and encouraging solutions that push beyond traditional thinking.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing organizations like Surfrider Foundation, Save on Meats, Intuit, Salt Spring Coffee, Fairware, Novex, Intact Insurance, Meridian Insurance and Mills Basic and have now partnered with VF, VEC, Vancity, SPEC, and THNK to bring the power of collaboration to Vancouver businesses this October. 


As a public engagement specialist, a systems-thinker, a facilitator, and a sustainability strategist, Sara works with organizations to help them to take collective action for a better world. Sara has an undergraduate degree in the social side of sustainability and a masters degree in the science behind our planetary boundaries, giving her a balanced understanding of what the issues are and how, as a society, we can innovate to address them


  • M.Sc. Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability
  • BA (Honors) in International Development
  • Toastmasters Speech craft graduate
  • IDEO + ACUMEN Human Centered Design course graduate
  • Landmark Education graduate
  • Facilitation Training by Rachel Marcuse
  • Sprout e-Business Administration course graduate
  • Embers Build a Business course graduate


Sara seeks partnerships with organizations who push boundaries through innovation and collaboration. She believes businesses have the power to create new systemic structures and that they can’t do it alone.

Sara’s clients are big picture, long-term thinkers. They are passionate about ideas.

They motivate, inspire and seek to create systemic change, and thrive on breaking the status quo.

“Sara exceeds at anything where she would have to motivate people. She has a positivity that is contagious and is not afraid to go after things; she’s passionate and able to multi task well. When she worked at the City of Vancouver, Sustainability Group, she did an excellent job at teaching, facilitating, event organizing, and leading a team.”
— Amy Fournier, City of Vancouver Sustainability Group