Apply for Leverage CAMP 2015 – NOW OPEN

If you work in the Hospitality or Textiles industry, fill out the form below to apply to take part in Leverage CAMP 2015.
If you know of someone who works in those industries who might be interested in participating, recommend someone.
If you know of another industry that could benefit from the Leverage Lab approach, submit a challenge.

We are working hard to curate a room full of strategic influencers in order to facilitate leveraged change towards a more sustainable future.

To make sure we have the right people in the room, we’re looking for CAMP participants that:

  • Are leaders in the Hospitality + Textiles industries
  • Have a desire to innovate and collaborate
  • Are ready to put time and energy into working with others on shared challenges

To help us determine if your organization is a good fit, please complete and submit the application form below.

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Phone Number
Phone Number
Are you willing to do some homework and come prepared to the Leverage Camp (i.e drawing your company’s value chain and sharing it with others) *