peer mentorship exchange 

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Have you been inspired by the peer mentorship experience you’ve enjoyed at Leverage CAMP? Have you wanted to extend that experience beyond these four hours together? Imagine the impact that type of continuous learning could have on you and your business. Whether you are looking for accountability or advice, this is an excellent opportunity for you to invest in yourself AND your peers at the same time.

Businesses with a purpose beyond profit are the catalysts of our time. They require fierce perseverance, humility, drive, and, most of all, leadership. Given the various hoops and hurdles necessary one must overcome in today’s global arena, a peer group of trusted believers can help you to identify blind spots, offer tips and advice, and push and hold you accountable to their highest sense of self. Here is your chance to build the network to help you succeed.


As changemakers, consultants, and social venture pioneers, it is sometimes hard to stay the course with the important work we do, when so often we feel alone and under-resourced. At Leverage CAMP each year, we find a group of people who understand what we are trying to achieve and who operate with integrity and compassion. A group of us from Vancouver expressed an interest to extend this connection beyond Leverage CAMP. We wanted to create an ongoing sense of team and solidarity that will bring us the strength we need to be the best we can be, and to continue to share our skills and expertise and support each other in achieving our goals.

Here is what others had to say about it:

“The PME has allowed me to have the uncensored feedback and sounding boards that I need as an entrepreneur. It has expedited my learning curve and pushed me to step up into my full potential.” 

“Having a group that is dedicated to my success is enough to propel me to get there.”

“This keeps me going, and provides me tangible help to do my work even better.”


The PME allows participants to raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas, and support each other with total honesty, respect and compassion. What you get:

  • A continued sense of camaraderie with like-minded individuals;
  • Access to expert advice on how to grow and not compromise your values;
  • Shared expertise and referral opportunities;
  • Recognition and showcasing opportunities;
  • Blind spot identification;
  • Safe environment to discuss and get feedback on tricky and confidential issues;
  • An opportunity to build trust and friendships with other social impact entrepreneurs (2 marriages and too many business partnerships to count evolved out of the last round I hosted) ;
  • Alignment between language and truth;
  • Other perspectives on problem solving;
  • Accountability to your set goals.


Corporate $780 $700 with “LC2017” discount for the entire year
$78 $70 a meeting

NPO $700 $650 with “LC2017” discount for the entire year
$70 $65 a meeting



Participants will be carefully selected to form 3 pods of 6 people;

  • Pods meet 10 times typically once a month, skipping the summer months;
  • Meetings are 2 hrs total and dates are selected based on the results of an online poll (Doodle);
  • Each meeting will be facilitated by Sara Blenkhorn;
  • Pods are carefully selected based on the following criteria: diversity, industry, subject matter expertise, and harmonious group dynamics;
  • Each candidate commits to participating in all 10 sessions - no exceptions;
  • Participants will set yearly goals prior to the first session and participation in each meeting will present opportunities to celebrate successes, be accountable, ask for help;
  • All groups will be convened together twice a year to share lessons learned.