Leverage Camp is a half-day boot camp where industry leaders put their heads together to discover where they can have the biggest impact.

We help business leaders innovate without the headache, risk, and cost of doing it all on their own.

Do you want to…

  • Cut costs and improve practices and competitiveness?
  • Be acknowledged as an innovative brand?
  • Create more impact than you can on your own?
  • Ease the hardship of organizing stakeholders and maintaining momentum between meetings?
  • Push the boundaries of what business can accomplish for our communities and the environment?

Why come to Leverage Camp? Whether it is upcoming industry changes, new regulations, or a social shift – Leverage Lab has you covered and it all kicks off with Leverage CAMP.

Our partners believe so wholeheartedly in this model that in 2015 their subsidies allowed us to bring Leverage Camp to Vancouver businesses for only $80 per participant (half price for VanCity members).

Vancouver Foundation, Vancity, Tourism Vancouver, VEC, SPEC, and THNK have all made contributions to ensure that this program is as accessible to the Vancouver community as possible.

Leverage Camp 2016 date to be announced later this year.

Participants WILL...

  • Understand their business's role in the broader industry ecosystem 
  • Identify top potential areas of impact

  • Understand how to get ahead of the curve and lead in times of change

  • Calculate the profit potential in greening business operations

  • Create alliances with like-minded industry stakeholders and improve effectiveness through peer mentorship and collaboration

 a Ban of TEXTILES in local landfills is nigh.

EPR programs will be coming down the pipes in the next two to three years.

Changes to regulations and policies that impact the textile industry do not have to be negatively disrupting for anyone.

Leverage CAMP can help you understand the upcoming changes and the associated risks and implications for your business.

At Leverage CAMP 2015, participants were excited to step outside their own initiatives and organizations to cooperate in the creation of greater impact. When asked what inspired them most they reported,

“Hearing that textile people want to work together”
“The expansion of my network in a targeted manner; the ability to share successful case studies from our work that may benefit others”
“There were so many people! I'm inspired by how many are interested in environmental impact”
“It was really awesome to meet so many like minded individuals and see their desire to move forward with more responsibility…”

The Leverage Camp identified numerous pressing issues within the textile industry and the importance of creating a convening body that can properly address them.  The Leverage Lab COLLABORATIVE is the next step in continuing this cross-sector cooperation, wherein we will work together to create this convening body and determine how it will address the identified issues. 

Would you like to join the COLLABORATIVE? 

You’re constantly under pressure to provide an exceptional guest experience, we get it.

But with significant growth over the past few years you also want to manage the impact of growing waste creation and utility consumption. 

How can you save money on efficiencies, stay ahead of the curve, and maintain your competitive edge with increasing costs and industry footprint? How do you tread as lightly as possible on the environment without compromising your guest’s experience?

Leverage CAMP can help.

By incentivizing conservation efforts regarding utility use and waste reduction, businesses can actually improve their profitability while reducing their impact. The first step is to work together with other hospitality professionals and industry leaders to leverage the knowledge of what has already been done, create common methods of measurement, share progress, and determine the steps that will result in lasting change. Participants of last year's camp reported, 

“Collaboration is the key to larger success”
“Meaningful relationships are the core of good work”
“Leverage Lab is an amazing tool for collaborative efforts within an industry, a strategic priority”
“BIG opportunity for saving money and environment on linens”

The Hospitality Industry was able to narrow their issues down to two potential initiatives:

  1. Shared Green Linen Economy – Car2Go model for linen, napkins, etc. to address their water and energy inefficiencies

  2. The Greatest Loser –  A healthy competition and knowledge sharing campaign between hotels to assist with in house behavior change helping them save on water, energy and waste costs.

Leverage CAMP 2015

October 22nd, 2015 marked year two of Leverage CAMP.  The 53 attending CEO’s from the textile and hospitality industries learned how to cut costs and push the boundaries of their sustainable business practices by discovering what was possible together. 

The event was hosted with our partners at THNK School of Creative Leadership and Design and done in collaboration with the VEC, Vancity, Tourism Vancouver, SPEC, Greenest City Fund, and Future Strategies.

Next Steps

Enroll 5-7 interested stakeholders into our Leverage Lab Collaborative (six-month program) to move these initiatives forward this year.

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